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  1. Safeguard our good name, our background, our identity.
  2. Offer high quality services to our customers, being always there for them as a support in case of need.
  3. Always please our client desires in terms of services, products and prices, with the maximum respect for everyone.
  4. Increase our own range of products so as to be able to offer a complete service in the field of infusion therapy through the projecting, production and the selling of medical devices, syringes, infusion sets and accessories.
  5. Maintain a constant level of feedback and interest for the latest news in progress in the field of medicine.
  6. Develop specific products for the treatment and therapy in a niche market, where big companies would rather avoid.
  7. Recognize the commitment of our employees offering a working environment, which can give a lot of personal satisfaction and career opportunities, sharing as a team effort, the success of the company.
  8. Maintain an active social presence, by collaborating with foundations, which get patients and families involved with the dealing of the disease.
  9. Establish commercial relationships with our clientele aimed at encouraging an exchange of information.
  10. Reach the right profit so as to get the purposes and to support the progressive increase of the company.
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