parkinson terapiaThe disease takes its name from James Parkinson, London surgeon from the 19th century, who was the first to describe the symptoms in a book: An Essay on the Shaking Palsy.
Parkinson disease is characterized by a progressive and slow degeneration of the nerves structures, which make the extrapyramidal system.

The first signs appear when there is a significant reduction in the production of dopamine. The main physical problems are: shaking, rigidity, slowness in movement and balance.
The illness generally strikes people over fifty years old and the causes are still not fully known.

Currently no cure exists to heal completely from Parkinson disease, however there are certain therapies which improve the quality of life for those who must live with this disease. One of these treatments consist in the administering by the using of an infusion pump with a dopamine agonist drug that reduces the tremor and the typical rigidity of the patient and allows a better control of movements.