ImmunoglobulinePID consists of a group of pathologies characterized by a fault in genes, which are part of the immunity system. The seriousness can be different depending on each singular case. There are light forms, where there is a lack of only one type of antibodies and forms very severe which involve the most important cells of the immunity system.

The patient affected by PID is always at risk of infections which can appear from a very young age, even in the first few months of life, but also in adults. Diagnosing it is often complicated as the symptoms can be wrongly exchanged with those of other diseases. It is extremely important to identify it in the early stages, because PID patients can be even healed in some cases: the sooner the therapy starts, the better the changes are of avoiding infections that can cause irreparable damage to organs such as liver and lungs.

Available therapies vary depending on how serious the problem is. One of them is the infusion (via subcutaneous or intravenous) of immunoglobulines by using an infusion pump.